PosRobot is a platform that allows us to design, generate, and execute automated tests for point-of-sale systems. It carries out repetitive testing automatically.

Others gave up on the challenge, but we stuck to it: we designed and built a broad spectrum automation tool, with a focus on hard-to-automate systems. This tool is designed to offer end-to-end coverage, executing automated testing in each level of the system regardless of language, platform, or underlying technology.



In 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer service outages due to the inability of their IT security equipment to manage their digital risk. (Fuente: Gartner)

Cybersecurity and trust: fundamental pillars of the digital transformation.

In today’s world, it’s no longer an option for businesses to stay away from the digital realm. The challenge they’re faced with is how to keep their data safe. The increase in the digital presence of many companies has changed the way that security professionals approach data security. These professionals are now more involved than ever in digital business decisions, and must work with executives to guarantee the safety of information assets, along with the operations of the organization.


visual well report

Oil and gas companies need to generate daily well operations reports. Our visual well reports are a responsive, flexible, and cloud-enabled architecture that can generate custom reports and visually portray information in a simple but dynamic format on any device.


The Plan & Play Tool

Tested with more than 60 clients, this tool allows us to carry out evaluations and measure the maturity level of an organization in relation to industry best practices for project, program, and portfolio management. It brings significant added value to any project management strategy, thanks to its ability to:

  • Establish a baseline for the current state of management in the company, comparing practices and processes against international standards.
  • Implement gradual improvements in management, based on the results of the evaluation and the priorities of the client.​​



DocTesting is a tool that facilitates software development administration, management, planning, and quality assurance. Created by QAFactory, it is designed to support and facilitate the work of multiple project teams in the areas impacted by our services. DocTesting is an added value service that we provide to our clients, and therefore does not carry any additional cost.​

DocTesting’s multiple functionalities allow it to manage requirements, change requests, test cases, and incidents associated with various applications and/or software projects. It can also obtain statistics on the overall productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the software development process.


Data Quality Toolkit​

Created by QAFactory, the Data Quality Toolkit (dqT®) is a set of tools for supporting activities related to data quality. It contains a knowledge base that can be enriched with standardization modules, data pairing, consistency control, GIS, and integrity checks (completeness, referential integrity, key control), among others.​​