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The most important gas transportation company in Argentina implemented an experimental new solution to analyze its pipeline design.




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Rapipago offers a solution that combines big data and data science technology to identify frequent customers.



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Our team of professionals has implemented over 5,000 projects in the region. Here are just a few of them:​​

  • With our exclusive product PosRobot, we automated regression testing of Point-of-Sale (POS) applications for more than 1,000 stores in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.

  • Software development. We helped implement a new internal logistics solution that has been applied to more than 100 stores in the region.

  • We managed Sodimac Peru’s integration process with the recently purchased Maestro chain, a project that required Sodimac to adapt and incorporate the Maestro stores into their own model, ultimately doubling the size of their business in the country.

  • We’ve been working with the Santander Group for more than a decade on a range of projects in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, including implementation, development, quality, management, BPM, and regulatory compliance, among others.

  • We worked with Banco Credicoop of Argentina to ensure quality and manage organizational changes during the implementation of their new core system.

  • In one of our projects with local banks, our consulting team worked with Banco Formosa to adapt and optimize their processes and methodologies, in order to improve operations as well as customer service.

  • WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT. We helped one of Argentina’s biggest electric distributors implement a new teamwork management system and ensure quality throughout the entire process.

  • Remote supervision of oil wells. We collaborated on the design, selection, and implementation of new architecture for the remote supervision of oil fields in Cerro Dragón.

  • Digital Upstream Operations. We helped this Argentinian oil company design a strategy to better utilize information from their exploration and production efforts and to digitalize their oil field operations, in order to reach their cost optimization and efficiency improvement goals.

  • We worked with Claro on a range of activities, from project management and quality assurance during the migration process, to software development process improvements, using world-class tools.

  • We completed functional and technical testing for core applications of DIRECTV’s Regional IT Center, where solutions for all of Latin America are developed.