In the last decade, the telecommunications industry has been rapidly transformed. We have seen landlines give way to cell phones; monumental increases in the volume of information being exchanged; near-constant technological evolution; the appearance of new actors in the market; and even a change in the nature of businesses themselves. These changes have also transformed telecom companies, bringing to the table new products and services like over​-the-top content, that require new business and support models.

Amidst this fast-moving and profound transformation, Practia has taken part in a variety of regional projects. We have helped companies in this sector work through each new challenge, whether it’s improving time-to-market, gathering real time data, building an omnichannel strategy, or improving user experience.​​



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These are a few of the projects we’ve implemented in the region in the telecommunications and media industry.​

  • This major telecom group entrusted us with some of their most critical transformation projects across the region. From the integration of their new convergent infrastructure, to their new billing and payment technology, we supported them in critical processes like project management and quality assurance.

  • We worked with Claro on a range of activities, from project management and quality assurance during the migration process, to software development process improvements, using world-class tools.

  • We completed functional and technical testing for core applications of DIRECTV’s Regional IT Center, where solutions for all of Latin America are developed.

Other companies that we serve in the region