We know retail from the inside out. We understand the importance of each element of the value chain, including the key role that technology plays in maintaining the rhythm of operations. This, combined with the powerful impact of an omnichannel strategy, means that each new project must be carefully planned to incorporate it into day-to-day operatio​ns.

We specialize in point of sale (POS) testing, and offer a solution designed specifically for this purpose. Our team of experienced professionals offers functional and technical advice on new technology adoption and information management, including data migration, data cleaning, and data quality. This expertise has led us to work with some of the top retailers in the region.​



Successful regional projects


Successfully executed POS test cases


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These are a few of the projects we’ve implemented in the region in the retail and consumer goods industry.​

  • With our exclusive product PosRobot, we automated regression testing of Point-of-Sale (POS) applications for more than 1,000 stores in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.

  • Software development. We helped implement a new internal logistics solution that has been applied to more than 100 stores in the region.

  • We managed Sodimac Peru’s integration process with the recently purchased Maestro chain, a project that required Sodimac to adapt and incorporate the Maestro stores into their own model, ultimately doubling the size of their business in the country.

Other companies that we serve in the region