Moving towards an integrated, omnichannel model

 We helped Telefónica to replace their core systems with new, world-class solutions: Amdocs, for their operations in Argentina, Chile, and Peru; and Huawei for their operations in Mexico and Colombia.


Telefónica made the decision to completely renovate their systems, leaving behind the structure they had used for twenty years. Instead, they decided to build an entirely new system from scratch. They began with their Argentinian subsidiary, which would later become a leading example for later cases due the the disruptive nature of the project. “The project was called Telefónica 3.0, and it really forced us to leave behind our prior conceptions of our systems,” explained Horacio Goldenberg, CIO of the company during the restructuring from 2013 to 2015. “We had to replace our processes with other, more modern ones that would guarantee system integrity from top to bottom. We also had to abandon our model of offering different applications for each of our different segments — businesses, call centers, landlines, etc. — because these prohibited us from providing a true multichannel experience. Along the way, we completely froze our legacy systems and started focusing on incorporating our entire operation into a single, integrated system. Finally, we discarded the idea of separately contracting both a systems integrator and a manufacturer. Instead, we selected a single provider, Amdocs, that offered a complete suite of applications.”

This change provided Telefónica with new ways to communicate with clients and to create, manage, and sell new products. “This transformation expanded our commercial possibilities enormously,” said Horacio Goldenberg upon completion of the project.

During the project, Practia worked closely with the Telefónica team to integrate the new structure with the older legacy systems, as well as on the interface design. Our team also worked on the installation, configuration, and integration with SAP inventory management software; data migration; and functionality development. In addition, Practia provided operational support for for testing and production activities, and supported project management for Amdocs as well as business process and training activities.​


Telefónica 3.0: A leading case in digital transformation​ Objective: Become a 100% digital company​
 Duration: Three years (2013-2015)
 Team involved: more than 400 people ​
By the numbers (just in Argentina):​​
  • ​30 developers, 10+ testers, 10+ SAP experts, 5+ systems architects,  10+ project leaders
  • 500 test cases, 10 business processes, 70 interfaces (mobile and landline)​
  • Management of 12 different environments​

  • 23.5 million clients migrated


During the transformation project, Practia led the integration of the core applications with the rest of Telefónica’s business systems, in addition to managing other responsibilities that were critical for the success of the project. The Amdocs suite selected by Telefónica consists of a single, multichannel platform that supports the company’s business processes and is aligned with industry standards. ​Due to the success of this first implementation, Telefónica has begun replicating the transformation in its other Latin American subsidiaries, including Telefónica Chile and Peru.

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