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 In this interview, Mónica Larracoechea, head of Processes and Quality at Technisys, told us about how her area was able to widen the scope of their test cases and reduce regressions through automation.


​​“Our main problem had to do with timing,” states Mónica Larracoechea, head of Processes and Quality at Technisys, a technology company for omnichannel digital banking. “Despite agreeing beforehand on the date that a package would be ready to move on to testing, this tends to be pretty difficult to actually accomplish. That’s why we were always short on time during the testing period, and only had time to manually test a handful of new items or errors. This didn’t allow us to fully cover functionality. At the same time, our projects were becoming more and more complex, and we had to find another strategy for testing that would allow for more coverage as well as fit our timeframe.”

“Automation allowed us to improve our coverage and the interaction between testing and development,” Mónica concludes​​​​​. 

A LARGER REACH. “Automation allowed us to improve test coverage and analyze even deeper. Nowadays, when we move a product into production, I know exactly what we tested, and can test at an even more advanced level,” she says. “What we’re doing now with best practices is getting feedback throughout the process, from testing to development,” she adds, highlighting another additional benefit of the automation process. 

LESS TIME. “At our current velocity, we’re developing one test case every 15 minutes. We currently have two types of testing going. With the old tool, this took 20 minutes; with the new one, it takes only 10 minutes. And we review these numbers every day, which allows us to make constant adjustments,” Mónica explains. 

The result of this teamwork was a robust, stable automation of their processes that provides a better user experience for the customer and facilitates the tasks involved in quality assurance.​

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