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 ICBC Argentina underwent a restructuring project in order to capitalize on new opportunities in the national context. We helped them leverage their strengths and pinpoint weaknesses in order to take on this challenging process.


​​​​​​​​​​​​INITIAL OBJECTIVE​​​

ICBC’s Foreign Trade department is critical when it comes to operations and their associated profits. Its main competitive advantages, anchored by a moderate risk strategy and a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, have been a key part of its success in the last decade. 

In September 2014, foreseeing imminent changes in the market, the bank decided to strengthen and increase its participation in the sector by improving productivity, efficiency, and agility in its business.


ICBC requested our help in doing this, so we set out to redefine their operations from start to finish. We began with the commercial side of their business, and then continued with operations and related areas.

Along the way, we established four focus areas for improvement:

  • Efficiency and competitive agility in all aspects of their foreign trade business
  • Integration and feedback on knowledge shared between departments (including Quality)
  • Development of interdepartmental working teams
  • Development of a company culture that fosters rapid adaption to both organizational and regulatory change

​Restructuring these processes allowed ICBC to position itself as the top competitor for import and export transactions in 2016. ​

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Highlights from our work with ICBC


  • ​​​In each stage of the project, from the beginning stages to production stabilization, we planned and managed relevant communications and trained the team accordingly.
  • We worked from the start to foster a teamwork-oriented environment, reinforcing this culture with a variety of activities throughout the process.
  • We encouraged a highly participatory decision-making process, as well as creativity in brainstorming solutions.
  • ​We guided ICBC in managing the internal work climate, conflicts, motivation, stress, and behavior.

​About ICBC Argentina:

  • Founded in 2012 through the merger of ICBC and Standard Bank Group.
  • Has 109 branch offices throughout the country.
  • Is the largest operation of a Chinese bank in Latin America.
  • Has 1,000,000 individual clients and more than 30,000 corporate accounts in Argentina.
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