Leaving anonymity behind

 Rapipago offers a solution that combines big data and data science technology to identify frequent customers.


Rapipago, a non-bank payment and billing channel, is the most important transactional network in Argentina, serving six million people each month. We helped them implement a solution that allows them to identify frequent customers through big data and data science technology. 


In a world where contact with customers may take many forms, some as fleeting as a simple “like”, it takes more and more effort for companies to acquire customers and build loyalty. There are also more and more companies whose value is measured by the quality and quantity of their customer portfolio. Having a wide base of loyal customers allows them to carry out cross-selling initiatives, the value of which can actually surpass the value of their current business.

However, there are also many companies, ranging from large retailers to service providers, whose enormous group of frequent users are completely anonymous, since their transactions do not necessarily record or require any precise personal information. One such company is Gire, which provides smart information processing services for billing and payment solutions, and operates the top non-bank payment and billing channel in Argentina: Rapipago. 


To respond to this challenge, Practia created and implemented a solution that allows Rapipago to identify individual frequent customers, using big data and data science technology. This solution implies utilizing and interpreting diverse sources of information and large volumes of data. This allowed us to: define a consistent conceptual model; prepare and install appropriate tools for processing the data; input the data into a graph database like Neo4j, in order to create a central repository that can be consulted or manipulated; design business-oriented, heuristics-based algorithms that can identify recurrences as well as operate with unstructured data and incomplete information; and, finally, implement a solution based on data analysis techniques like decision trees and clustering algorithms. 


It was Practia’s Research, Development, and Innovation team — an interdisciplinary group of experts, including data scientists, database administrators, business and technical specialists — and their unwavering commitment to excellence that truly made this project possible. Also critical for success was the use of a set of innovative, flexible, and powerful technologies and tactics that allowed the team to respond to the client’s needs in a practical and economical way. ​

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Benefits in sight

In just a few weeks — still without completely structured or polished data — we were able to identify a significant proportion of recurring customers who were previously “invisible” to management.

The solution we proposed is highly scalable, cost effective, and loosely coupled with associated transactional systems. It also generates information that can be used as to carry out highly personalized loyalty and cross-selling campaigns.


Gire in summary

  • Gire’s most well-known business, Rapipago, has 3,000 customer service centers, transactions of 10 billion pesos per month, and serves 6 million people per month.
  • It also leads the electronic transactions and billing market.
  • Gire has two corporate offices in Buenos Aires, and it also has six other locations in the provinces of Rosario, Tucumán, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén, and Resistencia.
  • Gire’s team is made up of 775 people, 110 of which belong to the Systems and Information Security departments.
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